Brandon’s Story

Brandon BeacksBrandon Beack is a 17 year old South African, son of Mark and Annette Beack and lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

As a talented young gymnast he competed for Western Province in SA champs with his eye ultimately on the Olympics. Besides achieving academically he is also an outstanding musician and dancer. Brandon has a magnetic personality attracting and mesmerizing old and young alike with his gentle, caring and motivational character. He knows the value of hard work to achieve goals, of which he has many.

In August 2012, Brandon’s goals changed dramatically. He had a bad dismount at gymnastics training and fell on his head and back. He compressed his 6th and 7th vertebra which has left him paralyzed from the chest down.
He is working hard daily to regain some/all of his physical ability.  His new goal is to WALK again.


Brandon_1 Brandon_2 Brandon_3
Brandon before the accident

Through all this, Brandon maintains a positive spirit and keeps the people around him strong. He strives daily for small improvements and is driven and committed to achieving his new goal.

The infrastructure and support he needs to achieve this is expensive, but he is too young to lose hope because of financial limitations.
The aim of WALKING WITH BRANDON is to assist him on his journey to this goal.

Currently, Brandon requires assistance with all activities of daily living as well as intensive therapy to keep his body moving and strong. This journey will be a marathon, not a sprint, so the intent is to keep money flowing in consistently. Any little bit helps.